That Same Old Song


Again and again,
He plays that same old song,
The one that reminds him of her.
It’s not even the greatest song,
But it’s the one with her name.
It reminds him of their time.

Again and again,
He finds himself feeling lost,
But when that song comes on,
All joy comes rushing back.
It’s as if she never left,
As if they’re still sharing a dance

Again and again,
He listens to that song.
It allows him to relive their memories.
They were a recipe for a good time,
They made the best of what they had,
They didn’t worry about the world.

Again and again,
That song makes him wonder
How far could they have made it
If they had tried just a little harder.
Would their love have lasted long?
Would this still be their song ?

Again and again,
This song brings him hope,
Hope that they’ll reunite.
A hope that they still have a future,
That they’ll grow old together,
And that this will be their song forever.