Tomorrow’s Mystery

As we await for the mystery of tomorrow, we’ll watch today fade into history; a history of all things good and bad. Lessons taught by failure. Discoveries made through curiosity. Loves found through compassion. A story within a mistake, a laugh within hard times, a smile within sadness. A past to hold on to, a present to live through, and a future with so much to do.

What will tomorrow bring? Well, it could bring us another test, an endless quest from east to west. A new route from a lost path. A new purpose from an old dream, a new season from a washed up summer. A new hope in the mist of darkness and a better day in the arms of luck.

Who will walk through the door? Well, it could be a past friend, or a past lover. A new stranger with a bit of danger. A new culture, and a new structure for relationships built on trust and dedication. A new opportunity to help someone in need, to break away from the greed, and to be a new helping breed.

Will we be ready for a change? We will be if our minds are open, we are strong men and women. We’ve done it before and will do it again and again. There’s no end in sight, all we have to do is hang on tight. At times, it may come in a hurry, it may be a bit blurry, but we’ll be ready for tomorrow’s mystery.