The Grand Patriot

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You are looking at a true patriot, from his heart to his bones, his country stands strong. His support alone is compared to that of thousands. He will fight for his country, he will bleed for his country and he will die for his country. He will assure that the flag wave freely in this land for as long as he lives and beyond.As long as he can walk, he will join others on the march towards freedom. He never dwells on the flaws of his country, but instead, he promotes its strength, promotes its people and promotes its endless opportunities. If you ask what is a true patriot? He not only will tell you, but he will show you his undying loyalty to his homeland. If you ask what is the greatest country? He will utter proudly and without a doubt his very own country. If you come to his country and you get lost, he will be there to guide you; Because this is his home, his backyard, and his heaven on earth. When the day comes and you happen to stumble upon his grave sight, the engraving on his tombstone will say “The Grand Patriot: Lived & Died for His country.”