Go Slow My Dear, Go Slow

Go slow my dear, go slow. You’re in always in a hurry, And you always worry About the things you can’t control. So, they take a toll on you. Go slow before you… Continue reading

Dream On, Dream Big

If this is your dream, Then dream on, dream big, And go all the way. Don’t let anyone lead you astray. Be strong, march along. You can’t go wrong following your heart. Because… Continue reading

Like An R&B Music Video

  She reminded me of A R&B music video, You know the onesWhere she’s staring out the window, And it’s raining endlessly. Wondering,”lord, why is this happening to me?” All she wanted was… Continue reading

What I Learned From You

Love you, I do, I mean I did. Once upon time You were the only thing on my mind. You had me run around in circles, I ran through obstacles to be with… Continue reading

Who’s Going To Save You Now?

For a damsel in distress, You sure cause quite a mess. You don’t know what you want, But you ask for everything. You drive good people away. You may think it’s a game,… Continue reading

Sold On The Dream

It’s on sale, it’s on sale! You’ve been sold on the dream That life will treat you fairly. That it’ll come to you easy, And that you’ll have all the money. But here’s… Continue reading

Society’s Anxiety

What has come to society? What has become of you and me? Everyone’s got anxiety. There’s fear all around us, And there’s no one we can trust. Mankind was kind, but now, we… Continue reading

Human Again

It finally made Us feel human again When we saw tears of the innocence, They were tears of joy. They sure didn’t have much, But it didn’t stop them from living. It didn’t… Continue reading

I’d Rather Show You

I could write about love all day, But I’d rather show You How I’m feeling. Every time I see you, I get carried away, Like I’m floating on air Knowing that you’re there… Continue reading

A Lifetime Together

Don’t, don’t let me go, There’s so much I want to know. Don’t, don’t walk away, Just stay one more day. We can spend a lifetime Wondering or we can Spend this time… Continue reading

Heard It, Seen It (Not A Fantasy)

You heard it on the news, It gave you the blues. It was another sad story. The businessman’s a con violence rage on, Evil has spawned, And all hope is on. You heard… Continue reading

What Do They know?

Everybody is saying the same thing, but hold on, what do the know? everybody’s out here talking, but no one seems to know a thing about the world and what’s going on. everybody’s… Continue reading

25 and Alive

  25, 25, will you make it out alive? Do you have the tools to survive? So many of us start to wonder why They think we’ll cheat, steal and lie or even… Continue reading

Broken Barriers

Yes, we can on the steps of hope paved by the brave civil leaders who marched before us and for us. We show our respects To the leaders who broke the barriers and… Continue reading

Maybe It’s Time

Time and time again We say we’re going to make this world a better place. We say this, we say that. We do this, we do that. But maybe it’s time, And maybe… Continue reading